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  • Friendliest RV community on the web
  1. Discontinued Light Covers

    Discontinued Light Covers

    A Replacement light cover for the Road Trek series of campers and Airstream motorhomes and other older model RVs. This style of cover is apparently no longer being manufactured, although it was used in a wide variety of vehicles. From a customer, "Just so you know, this piece also fits the FMC...
  2. 2017 Roadtrek ETrek All Electric/Diesel

    2017 Roadtrek ETrek All Electric/Diesel

    Unusual 2017 Roadtrek ETrek class B with lots of extras. This rig is easy to drive and amazing for camping without a hookup, but still has all the hookup features you might want. Built on 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3.0 liter V6 diesel, 4wd with low range, LWB extended 3500 dual real wheel van...
  3. K

    AC shore power inverter question

    Hello All! We purchased a 2019 RoadTrek Zion and on our first trip with the RV. I have a question that I tried searching online and cannot find an answer anywhere. So, hoping my fellow RoadTrek’kers can help. We are plugged into 30 amp shore power service at our campground, but the only way we...
  4. O

    Eco-trek questions

    Hi! New members here— we are carefully considering the purchase of a 2015 e- trek, or Eco trek ( I’ve seen it both ways) with the solar PV unit. We wondered if any current or former members have pointers for what to look out for when looking at this model. Thanks so much!
  5. R

    Where are the house batteries?

    I have a 2016 Roadtrek Zion and I'm having trouble with my electrical system. I need to find the AGM batteries. Does anyone know where they are located. I have hooked it to shore power and getting no charge to the batteries. Last winter this was working. It's a Promaster 3500 with extended...
  6. 2

    Question 2007 SS Agile Shower Faucet leak

    Just bought a 2007 SS Agile Roadtrek. Previous owner said she didn't use shower or wet bath faucet (the kind on a 60" hose the curls up in the wall). Turned on the pump and water leaks all over from the faucet, including the supply lines and cartridge. Changed to a Moen cartridge that fits and...
  7. M

    Can I replace the 1992 fedders A/C with a modern window unit?

    Hey there, I purchased a surprisingly sound 1992 Roadtrek popular 190. Only a few issues I can find. The coach A/C is the original Fedders A/C. Plugged into a wall outlet and running only the A/C, the unit blows but it never gets cold. First off, does this have to be connected to a 30amp...
  8. M

    New camper van owner. Old camper van - 1992 roadtrek popular 190

    Hello campers! I am new to the RV world and jumped in with a 30 yr old roadtrek popular 190. Drives smooth but I’m having a devil of a time figuring out the electrical system and troubleshooting appliance issues. Does anyone have experience with an early 90s roadtrek? I’d love to pick your...
  9. 2019 Roadtrek Zion SRT - only 15k miles

    2019 Roadtrek Zion SRT - only 15k miles

    Priced to sell, fully equipped with factory installed solar, lithium batteries, leather, auxiliary alternator and more. Almost identical to the 2022; check out Roadtrek's website: Roadtrek Zion SRT $99,000 which is a huge discount from the new price. Serious buyers only please. Mike...
  10. B

    Probably Not In The Correct Forum To Ask This . . .

    I'll apologize in advance. I just don't know where to ask my question. Thanks! in advance for your helpful assistance. Meanwhile, some so-and-so smashed the R rear lens for my 1996 Roadtrek. I simply have no idea what part I need to order. Any help or suggestions as to where I could find this...
  11. S

    2017 Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL 4X4 E-Trek

    For Sale by Owner - 2017 Roadtrek CS ADVENTUROUS XL E-TREK 4x4 Look no further - this is the ultimate 4x4 off-road, off-the-grid adventure van, and combines easy maneuverability with great fuel economy. (16 mpg highway) Maintained at Mercedes of Lynwood with all records accessible. Selling to...