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  1. B

    2019 Tahoe Towing Guidance

    My wife has expressed an interest in an RV travel trailer. I'm curious of the capability of our current equipment, as well as some information and experience you folks have had in your endeavors: 2019 Tahoe 5.3L V8 Axle ratio 3.08 Standard trailering package (not the max trailering package)...
  2. victactoe

    Toyota 4Runner Towing

    Hello! I’m wondering if anyone knows if there is an Escape trailer model small enough to be safely towed by a Toyota 4Runner V6 engine? Thanks in advance! :cool:
  3. cpeterso87

    Rivian R1T - First Flat Towable EV

    If, like me, you are an electric vehicle enthusiast (I own a Tesla Model 3), and an RV Enthusiast, you have inevitably asked yourself and others two very pressing questions; 1) can I tow an EV behind my RV, and 2) could I charge an EV off my RV. Well, there is some interesting news on this...
  4. BASE PLATE for Towing (Demco) 09-13 Subaru Forester MT

    BASE PLATE for Towing (Demco) 09-13 Subaru Forester MT

    Hi, I recently removed the tow bar base plate from my 09 Subaru Forester manual transmission. I don't tow my car, nor do I have an RV to tow it. So maybe someone here has a use for it! I know was $330+ new, but I just want to sell it fast to clear up space, hence $40. For pick-up in the...
  5. M

    Motorhome Magazine 2020 Dinghy Towing Guide PDF: