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  1. C

    city water connection fills FW tank

    hello! we are snowbirds in Central florida. we own a Jayco redhawk 29-xk 2017. while connected to city water the fresh water tank gets fillled and comes out from the 3 hoses of the overflow under camper. we tried everything. we went thru 3 shure flow water pump thinking that the switch valve...
  2. R

    Is there a market for people who need RV Parking space and an efficiency office in FL?

    I have an attached efficiency (separate entry with bathroom and laundry room) in west Florida close to the beaches. It has a Class A RV parking, thinking to rent it out as AirBnB. The price will be similar to parking at the RV Park. Do you think any one will like to have an office with internet...
  3. M

    Some water damage

    Hi all. I hope it's the right section to post the question. I have a 1989 Fiat Safariways with water damage on the back, in the bathroom precisely. I am at a good point in removing all the damaged wood. The question I have is... What to do after that? How do I fix the mess? The plan is to take...
  4. jmltech

    Question How Often To Sanitize?

    Was curious as to how often owners sanitize their water storage tank? We are getting ready to take a 5 day road trip. I last sanitized in July, filling the 60 gallon with a cup of bleach, and letting it sit for a couple of hours after turning on the faucets for a few minutes. There is...
  5. S

    Question Leaking Water Valve - No access - HELP!

    Hello All, I have a 2002 Coachmen Pathfinder Sport which is new to me and I'm working on a water leak in the freshwater system. The leak occurs whenever I pressurize the system, and I've tracked it to the lower valve in the exterior water panel. The only interior access to this valve is through...
  6. B

    Question Water tank fills when hooked to city water

    I’ve noticed my water holding tank is filling even though I’m hooked up to city water. Is there something wrong w/ my water pump? I’ve read I should shut the city water then run the pump to close a valve that gets stuck open. Is that the right approach?