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  1. W

    Question Wiring issue for Haloview RD-10 Backup Camera

    We purchased a Haloview RD-10 backup camera and planned to replace one of the running lights with the camera and use the power from the running light to power the camera. All 5 of the running lights are wired in parallel so cutting the + and - lead from the center wire didn't affect the other 4...
  2. Rich-MLsRV

    Lithium Battery Wiring Diagram

    Folks, I am converting from lead acid to lithium batteries. Attached is how I plan to wire in the Lithium batteries. Let me know if you have recommendations as to what I should change. thanks
  3. Buly

    Ground wire terminal mess

    Yesterday I decided to rectify something that has been bothering me ever since we bought our coach. In the half bath cabinet there is a huge bundle of (25 or 26) white ground wires AWG-10 and few AWG-8 bunched up on 1.5"square terminal box with spade connectors and a single flimsy post 1/8" I...