Entegra Vision 29S

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Jan 16, 2021
I'm looking for feedback on the quality of the Entegra Vision 29S. We are looking at the 2021 model. If one can believe MSRP, 'markdowns' can be in the 25%+ range. I know that Entegra is now owned by Jayco. Is that good or bad? How is the 2+3 warranty? I've owned a Newmar Canyon Star and experienced Newmar quality (no finish nails and glue). Should I be concerned about the quality of the 29S?
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Nov 2, 2019
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Actually, Entegra is now owned by Thor. In 2016, Thor purchased the entire Jayco line which included Entegra. This has its ups and downs.

Thor has a rather poor reputation for producing quality products, but has apparently allowed Entegra to maintain at least some of its original quality. Sadly, this same scenario exists for the other major RV coach manufacturers. Thor also recently purchased Tiffin and Winnebago acquired Newmara couple years back. As a result, there are really no stand-alone motorhome manufacturers left in other than the high-end, custom coach makers.

As for the 25% off MSRP, the huge increase in RV sales has resulted in dealers holding to a higher pricing. If you can get 25% off MSRP, good deal. I suspect that will be harder to do during this pandemic RV sales surge.

Of the three well-known Class A gas coach makers, I personally think Newmar provides the best product, followed (at least, currently) by Tiffin and then Entegra. YMMV.

Good luck on your search.

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