How To Rebuild Entry Stairs (Water Damage)

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Oct 10, 2020
Looking for tips and suggestion or beter yet pictures of rebuilding the entry stairs in to a Motorcoach.
I will throw up some pictures but they are not the best.
I will try to get some better ones. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am fairly handy with powertools though less so since I ended up in the WheelChair. I do have some friends in construction so I do have some help.

If any one has made repairs like this and/or can guide me or give ideas on the best way to aproach that would be amazing.

Stair one.jpg


  • Stair five.jpg
    Stair five.jpg
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  • Stair four.jpg
    Stair four.jpg
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  • Stair three.jpg
    Stair three.jpg
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