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Water pump problem

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RVF Regular
Sep 10, 2021
I just posted a question about my fridge, and mentioned that I had a question about thte water pump as well. Here it is:

I had filled the water tank in my MH for a trip, and the next day I noticed a small puddle of water, and the tank had drained a bit. The water seemd to come from the tank compartment, but I could not see any obvious signs of water coming from the hoses. However, there was water under the water pump, so I think that the pump has sprung a leak. I will futher check this, but I started looking for a new pump. The pump has a number on it: 2088-422-144. Typing that into search in a web browser brings up a diaphragm pump from “Ebusin” on Amazon (probably Chinese), which says it is for “fresh water”, and I can also find a pump from “Shureflo” with a slightly fifferent number (2088-442-144), which says it is not for potable water. Shureflo does not have a product 2088-422-144. Are there any recommendations on what to use?
The issue is the diaphragm material. For the record, fresh water doesn't mean potable either. I don't drink the water from the tanks, so don't worry about it. Well I do drink it, but only after extensive water treatment.

Answer: buy only potable equipment if you're drinking the water, otherwise buy something that looks similar to what you have. Forget the model number and look for pump volumes. GPH