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  1. J

    FT nomad in a Solis Pocket

    Hello world, Joined to help share info and stories on my Pocket and 21,000 miles in 11 months, 85% boondocking, 10% moochdocking with 15 nights in paid campgrounds and 3,500 miles on highways/freeways. All the way up and down both coasts and across the bottom/middle and the top western...
  2. M

    Love Van life

    Hi: for several years I have owned a sprinter van that I had converted using my own design. It has no plumbing but stores all my toys, has an incredibly comfortable bed and allows me to cook. I am in the process of potentially upgrading to a Winnebago Boldt 70BL or KL. I’m nervous that I will...
  3. H

    Small trailer searcher

    Hi. I’m an avid day hiker and non-whitewater kayaker. After recently completing a 7 state/ 7 week road/hiking trip, I’m interested in exploring the desirability of a small travel trailer so I can camp or boondock close to trailheads or put-ins in some comfort. I’m interested in a used Lance 1475...
  4. V


    Hi my name is Jeff, I purchased a 1995 Gulfstream Sun Voyager, looking for input on 12v or 6v batteries for dry camping
  5. M

    There went Walmart parking

    I personally haven’t ever parked at a Walmart but it was always nice to know it was an option in a pinch. Seems the writing is on the wall for that. https://gizmodo.com/walmart-to-turn-parking-lots-into-makeshift-drive-in-mo-1844244553