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new member

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  1. T

    New Member from BC Canada

    Hi everyone! 👋 We are a husband and wife team who travel with our two Jack Russel Terriers. We just purchased a brand new 2022 Grand Design Transcend 240ML for a great price and plan on starting up the snowbird lifestyle this coming winter. Hubby is semi-retired and I work from home so as long...
  2. O

    Eco-trek questions

    Hi! New members here— we are carefully considering the purchase of a 2015 e- trek, or Eco trek ( I’ve seen it both ways) with the solar PV unit. We wondered if any current or former members have pointers for what to look out for when looking at this model. Thanks so much!
  3. K

    Any tiny trailer owners on here?

    My husband and I are considering putting some money away to get a tiny trailer for just the two of us in a year or two. Been looking around and I'm really liking the Meerkat, ProLite Suite, Happier Camper, and the Coachmen Clipper. Anyone on here have any of these? Looking for any and all...
  4. R

    New Member

    New member “Rex F.” I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I pull a 2018 Coachman, Apex Nano. 20’. I have modified it with a roll up shower door instead of that stupid curtain. Added a TV. Upgraded the Tires first thing. Have 2 spares on the back, instead of 1. In the process now of...
  5. P

    New member from the Midwest

    Hello all I use Piros1 as my login. I am on RV number nine so not my first rodeo in the RV world but new to this forum. Presently I have a 2015 Newmar Essex until gives me more headaches than I want or it doesn’t fit my needs. I am semi retired but really don’t go into the office unless I’m...
  6. L

    New here, planning a renovation.

    Hello all! I am new to the forum, and have been researching living full time for about a year. I'm planning on selling my condo next summer (like 12-18 months from now), putting stuff in storage and full timing in a 30+' RV. I joined to gain information, and fuel my daydreams. I've started my...