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  1. D

    Winterization: am I missing something?

    It's a 2016 Forest River Salem, 27DBUD. I've emptied all tanks and the water heater. I think I've closed the lines to the water heater and turned them to the by-pass line (please help confirm this. see picture) - is there anything else I need to do before pouring in the antifreeze and running it...
  2. H

    Update on cold weather camping at 6000 ft in the Sierra Nevada

    Good evening all! When I joined the RVforums and introduced myself I promised an update and some photos. To recap: we own a lot off of highway 50 between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe up at 6000 ft. The Caldor fire took out our old 1950's cabin in 2020 and we are now having a new one built...
  3. J

    Water heater leaking while winterizing?

    Hello, I've got a 2018 Kodiak Cub 175BH that I am winterizing for the first time. I was following the process as shown in this YouTube video, switched the heater tank bypass valve and I left the hot water tank plug out. I began to pump anti-freeze through the water lines inside, and when I went...
  4. S

    Keystone hideout

    Brand new this year; I’ve used the freshwater 2 times. My dad told me I need to be draining the water heater to prevent stinky water. Each Time I’ve drained the hot water tank the freshwater tank will not work after. I brought it in the first time and they called and told me everything worked...
  5. M

    Love Van life

    Hi: for several years I have owned a sprinter van that I had converted using my own design. It has no plumbing but stores all my toys, has an incredibly comfortable bed and allows me to cook. I am in the process of potentially upgrading to a Winnebago Boldt 70BL or KL. I’m nervous that I will...
  6. L

    What will freeze/what's safe when the living space is heated?

    We are new owners of a 2000 Fleetwood Jamboree 26F (Class C) motorhome. We just bought it, and we are getting ready for our first trip. We were told by the previous owner that the motorhome was winterized properly. We're yet to check it out and fill with water. Once we 'unwinterize' and have...
  7. L

    First Timer - Winterize Question

    All, I am a first time travel trailer owner, and I could use some help. Surprisingly enough, I can't find a YouTube link or a How-To site to save my life.... We purchased a 2020 Coachmen Freedom Express Liberty Edition - Model: 310BHDSLE - in June 2020. It's time for me to winterize this...