What will freeze/what's safe when the living space is heated?

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Dec 16, 2020
We are new owners of a 2000 Fleetwood Jamboree 26F (Class C) motorhome. We just bought it, and we are getting ready for our first trip. We were told by the previous owner that the motorhome was winterized properly. We're yet to check it out and fill with water.

Once we 'unwinterize' and have water on board, we will keep the inside warm by heater or going down the road. We won't let it freeze inside, but is the water undercarriage safe?

Are the holding tanks, all the water connections under the 'docking port hatch', and all the inside water safe from freezing as long we are running the heater and keeping the interior heated, assuming a heated water service hose or using only onboard water? (I don't know the common name for the 'docking port....the hatch with the water and sewer drain connections.}

The Fleetwood booklet we found online says a heated enclosed holding tank is standard. That sounds like we're in the clear, right?

Yeah, this is how new we are to motorhome life. But we're planning to travel from our home in Spokane during the winter.

Thanks in advance....Lance
Jul 23, 2020
Glen Allen Virginia
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Ventana LE 3636
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As long as the RV is being used it shouldn't be an issue unless your talking extreme temps. The movement of the RV will keep the water in the tanks moving around. Having the hot water heater on will also help. Just moving the water through the faucets/toilets will help keep it from freezing.