Rally Gathering in the Desert 2020 (Quartzsite)

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Jul 27, 2019
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Whomever is going to Quartzsite this year with the NKK feel free to use this thread to ask questions, coordinate anything, etc. Reply if you want to simply state you're going (roll call). Ted sent out the following email. One thing I'm not sure of is if there are any arrival windows. Anyone know if we are supposed to arrive within any time frame on the 15th?

HELLO ALL, This is the last and biggest Email you will receive before the QUATRZSITE NEWMAR GATHERING. Please read and REPLY with the task/teams you wish to volunteer for. Also PLEASE say a prayer for good weather and safe travels for all. We currently have 125+ rigs planning to attend! We have been busy with the planning and now want to give everyone the latest details. We do reserve the right to make changes if needed.

Sorry for the delay. Our coach is ‘in the shop’ and very likely we will be renting a coach or moteling it. The activities/meals are somewhat more ‘simplified’ because of this but with help from everyone who can we will still have a GREAT GATHERING.

YOU NEED TO PLAN TO TAKE ALL YOUR TRASH OUT WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE. The Quartzsite (La Paz county) Waste transfer station is about 2 ½ miles north of I-10 on the left side of Hwy 95 and is open Sunday-Tuesday 7:30am to 2:30pm.

I attach TWO FILES to this email a short document on dry camping ‘NO HOOKUPS”as we have many first timers and the detailed SCHEDULE, PLEASE READ THEM. We very much encourage you first timers to jump in and volunteer to help out as this gets you in the mix and we all get to meet you and you get to see how this Gathering gets run.

PLEASE ALL, Read this note completely and REPLY with your offers to help with specific Crew assignments if you are able. Also some signup sheets for the meal help will be completed at the Gathering, THANKS.

If you have not registered on the Newmar Kountry Klub website please do so using the link below. If you are not a NKK member just leave the NKK# field blank.

ALSO, If you find that you are not able to attend PLEASE send a quick note. This helps us with determining how much food to buy/prepare.

Gathering in the Desert - Newmar Kountry Klub

Before Arrival –Be sure to fill your fuel used for heating your coach. House BATTERIES MUST be in good condition and their water levels correct! You should arrive with FULL fresh water tank and EMPTY grey and black water tanks for maximum length of stay. Lastly your coach fuel tank should be full enough for you to run your generator. I suggest a minimum of ½ tank of fuel.

Arrival – Don’t worry about the BLM registration, that will be done AFTER you get parked. The signs/FLAGS directing you from the road to our parking site will be up some time during the weekend before the Gathering starts. STOP Un-hook your toad when you first leave the paved road if you want to keep it cleaner. If you tow it all the way in it will get ‘dusted’ pretty bad.

The Feather flags and direction signs will be in place By Saturday afternoon January 11. The NEWMAR FEATHER FLAGS start just south of mile marker 99 at the corner of Hwy 95 and La Paz Valley Road. Turn RIGHT on La Paz Valley Rd. Drive about 300 yards to the SECOND drive going off to the right. Proceed following the flags keeping to the left as you proceed following the flags to the Gathering location.

Gathering GPS Coordinates:
114 13 43.67 W 33 35 01.47 N (copy these into Google maps or Google Earth to see the location. This about one-half mile off the paved road and about 6 miles from the Big Tent RV show in town.

Meal Plan
See the schedule at the bottom of this note for details. There four nights we ask you to bring something to share. 1/ Wednesday, the first night you need to bring rolls for your hot dogs if desired. 2/ Thursday, is a POTLUCK with Hosts providing Pulled pork and Brisket. See schedule for dish suggestions. 3 & 4/ BOTH Saturday & Sunday a 'heavy hors'd'oeuvres' share.

All Host provided food, cooking fuel, and other Gathering expenses will be calculated, and a ‘Donation Can’ will be provided to recoup these expenses. We just divide the expenses by the number of Rigs attending and suggest that amount. Last year we asked for $40 per TWO PERSON rig for the entire Gathering. This year will be less due to fewer meals being provided.

CREW Leads & helpers – Last year we had several crews to help with parking and other tasks. I attach here a list of the crews and ask you ALL to consider volunteering ahead of the event.

To VOLUNTEER, replying back to us NOW PLEASE. This event cannot go on without your valuable help.

GREETING & Handicap Parking - Greet arriving coaches and explain parking as ‘self park’ same as last year. IDENTIFY Handicap & Mark FIRST TIMER's Coaches.
1/ Provide information/directions to the Registration process for the free BLM Permits
2/ Assist in the rally arrival registration and collect the rally donations.
FIRST TIMERS - Coordinate the Special Welcome for:
1/ Newmar Rally First Timers,
2/ Gathering First Timers,
3/ First Timer Ribbons,
4/ Name Badges if they have none,
5/ Continually query them for first-timer questions.
TRASH & WATER - Monitor Trash & Bottle/Can receptacles,
1/ Monitor trash cans around Gathering area. Load & Take Trash to dumpsters at transfer station on Sunday morning when it opens using Ted’s truck and trailer..
2/ Refill Fresh Water containers daily (as needed).
1/ Pre-build campfire each afternoon before meal/dark,
2/ Keep firewood stack neat and safe to walk around, Weather permitting,
3/ Light fire about dark or earlier if very cold.
4/ Monitor fire for safety,
5/ Extinguish fire using dish water provided after people leave or assign the last person remaining.
SEMINAR Coordinator(s) - Use Seminar Schedule with Date/ Time/ Contact Name/ Phone number to: 1/ confirm date/time,
2/ Need Table? Anything else?
3/ Provide directions to our Gathering location.
4/ Watch for their arrival, greet them, Introduce them.
PICTURES - 1/ Use your skills to take some nice candid pictures throughout the Gathering.
2/ Take a group picture of all attendees,
3/ Take a picture of all attending FULL-Timer Chapter members
4/ Do drone flights if you have one??

Meal prep, setup, serving and cleanup – We will have signup sheets for all meals for helping the hosts with the meals. If everyone who is able signs up for a couple slots and comes and sees how the operation works by helping out we will be able to continue doing these Gatherings. Volunteers are critical to all rallies!!

Firewood – If you have an EVEN NKK number plus First Timers please bring a bundle of firewood. (ODD NKK numbers last year) PLEASE no construction scrap unless it is CLEAN UNTREATED solid wood. No plywood or OSB and on painted or finished wood. ALSO< NOTHING THAT BURNS SMOKY PLEASE.

Tables – If you carry a foldup table we would like to borrow it. PLEASE write your name on it and be sure to come get it before you leave.

EZUPs – If you carry an EZUP we would like to borrow it. PLEASE write your name on it and help with the setup and staking and takedown before you leave.

MEAL PLAN/Seminars – See the schedule PDF file attached above for the seminars and meals, etc we have scheduled INCLUDING THE ITEMS WE EXPECT ATTENDEES TO PROVIDE.

See you soon, Your Gathering HOSTS

Ted & Ruth Ann Hindes


  • 2020 Quartzsite GATHERING SCHEDULE.pdf
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  • Dry Camping Seminar Handout 2019 Revision.pdf
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