Alternative to On-The-Go Water Softener...

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RVF Supporter
Nov 15, 2019
RV Year
RV Make
RV Model
New Aire 3543
RV Length
2020 Jeep Gladiator
In my current coach, I am using the small On-The-Go. I don’t have a wet bay, per se, but have it semi-permanently mounted in a small bay along with a double filter & regulator set up all with quick connects. When I set up, I simply connect one hose to the water supply, and one short hose either to the city water or tank as I need. It’s very fast, as i don’t have to schlep the softener in and out of a bay except to regen.

On my upcoming New Aire, the wet Bay Area is not deep enough to accommodate even the small softener. I really want a water softener in my coach, and want a more permanent solution that I don’t have to take in and out when I set up.

There’s a long thread on that “other“ forum about water softeners. There are a lot of really elaborate installations that seem unnecessarily complicated, just to use the On-The-Go without having to take it out for regen. One member on that Newmar thread offered this system as his/her solution. I did a search on that forum, and did find several more examples on the Entegra thread.

The footprint is 12” x 24”. 25” tall. It regens automatically (timed) or manually with the touch of a button. Uses normal softener salt that you can get at any Walmart.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Or even an opinion? I would probably have it installed, as it needs to be plumbed into the gray tank via perhaps a saddle valve or tee.
Not open for further replies.