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  1. D

    Generator dies

    I recently bought a used RV and have been using the generator off and on for a few weeks. The other night, the lights inside the coach began to dim and then the generator stopped running unexpectedly. It would not start again, of course. After some shut eye, I decided to connect a battery jump...
  2. V

    Help! Serious electrical problem!

    Hey everyone, I need some help with my 2016 keystone cougar fifth wheel. Over the summer time an electrical line snapped and hit my camper. I didn’t realize it at the time but, it definitely had to fry something electrically. Everything that is involved with the controls “I.e awning, leveling...
  3. P

    12v system issues

    Hi, I have a bighorn 3870 fb. I realized that my 12v system will shut down when shore power goes out, so no 12v at all. When I tried to turn on the inverter two error codes came up. Both indicated no battery or low battery. My batteries are both at 13.5 and 13.7. Between the batteries and the...
  4. K

    Question Help! Wiring/Electrical Question For Coleman Mach 15 A/C Unit

    So, I attempted to clean the AC coils on my trailer today and I may have made a boo-boo during the process. Any guidance from the community is appreciated. After removing the main shroud to the A/C unit on the roof, I was able to clean the condenser coils just fine. However, when I went to...
  5. V

    Help fixing trailer light gremlins

    Hi. I have serious trailer light gremlins. All the electrical signals from my car's 4 pin connector are coming out fine. Here are my observations: 1) When headlights are on, all passenger side lights are solid on, taillight. 2) When passenger light signal light is on, only the taillight...
  6. T

    Electrical problems with my 5th wheel

    Hey guys first post on this site and new 5th wheel owner So last week it rained pretty heavily and a natural spring popped up next to my property, and ended up shorting out my power cord(maybe fried the trailers breaker box I'm still not sure). I realize how stupid it was to let my power cord...
  7. H

    Electrical Issues - 2008 Mountain Aire

    Hi all: Acouple of electrical issues that all seem to have started at the same time. 1. Aux key position is dead. When I turn the key to the left, I just hear a click. Starts ok though when I turn the key right. 2. Front cover to generator won't open. Hit the button and just hear a click...
  8. R

    Where are the house batteries?

    I have a 2016 Roadtrek Zion and I'm having trouble with my electrical system. I need to find the AGM batteries. Does anyone know where they are located. I have hooked it to shore power and getting no charge to the batteries. Last winter this was working. It's a Promaster 3500 with extended...
  9. J

    Anyone installed an electrical cable hatch/port?

    Wondering if anyone has installed something like this cable hatch in a kodiak cub? I'm considering installing one on the driver's side that would enter under the lower bunk bed in the back. I think there are metal sections of the frame and I can't find any info on where those might be located or...
  10. B

    Winnebago VISTA 30 or 50-amp?

    I am buying a 30-foot Vista that normally has 30-amp service. However, this coach has 2 roof a/c's and 50-amp service. Is that unusual when the brochure says that 50-amp is not available on the specific model? Is the internal wiring on all Vista's the same, just with different line-in service...
  11. A

    30A circuit kaput, then 20A circuit also kaput. I'm next.

    Gang, It's been a while since I hollered. That's because I haven't moved my RV much at all since last year, no miles = no problems. But now that I am at a campground (Wildwood State park, Wading River NY) all the things that mighta gone wrong earlier are now going wrong. Right on schedule! So...
  12. C

    Electrical issues.

    I am having an issue with my camper that we rent out. The tenant woke up Saturday morning without any power. I went out and found that the cord has been previously spliced, but not done properly. It was just twisted together with some electric tape on it. I cut out the bad cord and put a new...
  13. BenJohns

    Electrical Issue

    Hi all, I plugged my 2006 Keystone Montana 5th wheel into a 50 amp service last night, but forgot to flip the breaker. I guess things were running on the battery power for a few minutes before I realized the lights were dim, and the ceiling fan, and fireplace weren't working at all. So I...
  14. V

    Forest River Hodgepodge solar option

    1 ordered a new 2021 RockWood ultra lite 2882s with 190 watt solar/inverter option. This is what I received. One solar panel with Go power controller matched to a WFCO inverter. The factory chose to leave out cable from inverter to controller. The reason being that the controller is not...
  15. D

    Electrical Advice Needed

    Hey everyone, I am new to this site so I’m not really sure where to post this. Hopefully it’s landed in the right place. I own a 2019 conquest by golf stream 301TB. This whole season I have not been able to use my slide out, my awning or my tongue Jack without first plugging into an outside...
  16. C

    12 Volt Electrical Issiue

    Hello, I am having some 12 volt issues with my coach. I have a 2003 holiday rambler vacation with the workhorse chassis. So far this is what i have checked. I have 120 volt coming through the transfer switch and up to the breaker panel. Nothing from the 120v in the coach has power. So the...
  17. J

    No power to Furrion stereo

    On the first trip of the season in our Freedom Express 248rbs, I watch the power fade from the stereo and fridge as the battery failed. While plugged into shore power, I bypassed the converter which was apparently the issue. I replaced the converter, bought a new battery and replaced 2 x 40 amp...
  18. W

    Question Wiring issue for Haloview RD-10 Backup Camera

    We purchased a Haloview RD-10 backup camera and planned to replace one of the running lights with the camera and use the power from the running light to power the camera. All 5 of the running lights are wired in parallel so cutting the + and - lead from the center wire didn't affect the other 4...
  19. C

    Slide out not working normally

    Simplest way to explain it, is slide out won't work normally. But seems to have power. Steps I've done: #1. Replaced old battery w/ new. #2. Tested wires going to the 40amp short stop breaker as well as the 30amp short stop breaker. (Seems to be working fine 12v the whole way) #4. I have...
  20. D


    Outlets in my 2017 cougar are not working...three only in the kitchen side of the camper all the others are working. I can’t see where there is any issue at the panel