1. M

    What’s your favorite thing about your Newmar

    We all have things we love and hate and begrudgingly accept about our RVs. After all, they’re built by fallible humans. There are already a couple of threads here discussing ways to improve the Newmar product and I think those are insightful and engaging threads. But tell me, what is something...
  2. M

    6 month/6k service cost

    Time for Magellan’s first checkup, 6-month/6k Service on the FL XCR. I am currently in Daytona Beach but will be back in Orlando soon to have a warranty issue on the Jeep repaired. I gave Orlando Freightliner a call and they quoted me $650-$800 depending on fluids and other things. Seems...
  3. A

    Newmar All Star - Mid Engine - Any Thoughts / Recommendations?

    Hi all, Brand new here - we are considering upgrading from a 77 Airstream to a Class A to get out and travel longer distances and for longer periods of time. We’re a family of 4, soon to be 5, and we came across the All Star models (made from 2007-09 I think) which are a mid-engine setup to...
  4. M

    Awnings not retracting flush

    I went to retract my awnings before going back inside (I never leave them extended unless someone is out there to retract them if the wind suddenly picks up as I have zero trust in the wind sensors). I hit the remote and watched them retract and it seems they aren’t retracting flush anymore. I...
  5. Neal

    Newmar Floorplans for 2021 v1

    2021 Floor plans for Newmar Motorhomes
  6. M


    Caught this on another forum. Apparently Newmar has started rolling out their own Mobile techs called NewServe. Pretty great if you ask me. More deets over on IRV2
  7. Neal

    How To Verify your ITR OASIS Two Electric Burners are working

    In my other thread about AC Heat not working I had a short, a second electrical short in the wiring of my OASIS system. In verifying the wiring ITR Heat had me go to my EMS panel and then turn AC I on and check for an AMP change. I showed +12 AMPS. Then switch to AC I and II and you should see a...
  8. Neal

    MOD Adding a home office setup to my motorhome

    I run a software business and I got into RVing (on impulse) when I realized I could work from anywhere with an Internet connection. I miss the travels from my Air Force days and there is so much more to see than office and home and repeat. I tried for nearly two years to work from the dinette in...
  9. Neal

    Newmar Slide Motor Torque TSB 2015-2017

    Newmar TSB on slide motor torque for 2015-2017 Motorhomes