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  • Friendliest RV community on the web
  1. B

    2024 Newmar New Aire 3547 - Build Sheet 2023-08-11

    This is the build sheet (as of July 2023) for the model we've recently ordered.
  2. 2016 Canyon Star 3922

    2016 Canyon Star 3922

    2016 Newmar Canyon Star. Super nice in excellent condition. Only has 37,993 miles on it.
  3. L

    Windshield Replacement Quest - The long version

    My windshield replacement quest is finally over after two long months. We got a brand spanking new 2022 Newmar Baystar coach and was so happy to have it. We did our shakedown and just got it back from the dealer on Saturday who repaired our first punch list. I was alone Sunday and wanted to...
  4. marc2912

    It became official yesterday...

    So it became official yesterday!!! 2015 Dutch Star 4312. Photos of my new-to-me Newmar and floor plan because it's so rare and original. I spent quite a long time finding a floor plan and then an RV that made sense for my family (we have two young boys). We really didn't want them to sleep...
  5. M

    Do you have a handicap-accessible Newmar?

    I’m a RVForum newbie looking for an obscure answer from owners of Newmar handicap-accessible models (XX11). Our new 2022 Kountry Star 4011 has an optional bed base that it turns out is too tall for my 90-year old mom. Despite measuring close to her bed, the base is too rigid and she cannot...
  6. M

    The saga of the 87” theater seats

    So, we have 87” theater seats in place of the three-seat hide-a-bed sofa in our coach. We actually never wanted theater seats but because we wanted cabinets in place of the jack knife sofa, Newmar forced us to get the theater seats in order to reach a 1:1 seating-to-sleeping ratio. I still think...
  7. M

    Integrated TPMS as standard

    Seems like a no brainer but a TPMS integrated into the glass dash should be standard on all lines with an option to add 4-6 additional valve stem sensors for towed vehicles/trailers
  8. M

    Spec chassis hitches with dual receivers

    lots of folks out there carry bikes and flat tow. Ideally, it would be nice to not have to purchase a dual hitch receiver to split the single receiver into two receivers, one for the bike rack and the other for the tow bar. Just spec the chassis for two, 2” receivers, stacked a few inches apart...
  9. R

    Awning Issue with Bay Star

    We just purchased a new Bay Star. It's nice but we have some issues. Low water pressure at the kitchen sink and a loose wire on the awning. I have to watch the awning carefully when I extend or retract it. I tried to put the wire back where it came loose on the plastic shield but it just...
  10. M

    First motorhome advice needed

    I have been camping all my life, but have only owned trailers. For the last 6 months I have been looking to move to a Class A and have been back and forth with what to look at, what to stay away from and what would be the best choice. I know to stay away from Thor and Jayco, but I have not found...
  11. M

    Grey Tank Drain blocked

    Grey tank has been draining slowly since, well...November. It’s basically a small trickle - approximately 1/8 of the flow volume. I reported it to Newmar and they added it to my list of grievances to address in my January visit. Last night, unbeknownst to us, whatever is blocking the tank...
  12. Neal

    Newmar Brochure Archive v1

    Past brochures for Newmar Motorhomes
  13. M

    FYI Newmar Factory Service Procedures for COVID

    Just got this email from Newmar. Apparently, there will be no hovering over the techs...
  14. CaptainGizmo

    Alert Girard Awning Mounts WRONG!!

    Ok, I've let some time go by before I posted this. As you can imagine, my shock and anger would have led me to say things I shouldn't...at least not publicly here. Nonetheless, I'm pretty disappointed and angry at such a bad mistake on Newmar's behalf. I took our '19 DS 4369 down to Girard...
  15. M

    What’s your favorite thing about your Newmar

    We all have things we love and hate and begrudgingly accept about our RVs. After all, they’re built by fallible humans. There are already a couple of threads here discussing ways to improve the Newmar product and I think those are insightful and engaging threads. But tell me, what is something...
  16. M

    6 month/6k service cost

    Time for Magellan’s first checkup, 6-month/6k Service on the FL XCR. I am currently in Daytona Beach but will be back in Orlando soon to have a warranty issue on the Jeep repaired. I gave Orlando Freightliner a call and they quoted me $650-$800 depending on fluids and other things. Seems...
  17. A

    Newmar All Star - Mid Engine - Any Thoughts / Recommendations?

    Hi all, Brand new here - we are considering upgrading from a 77 Airstream to a Class A to get out and travel longer distances and for longer periods of time. We’re a family of 4, soon to be 5, and we came across the All Star models (made from 2007-09 I think) which are a mid-engine setup to...
  18. M

    Awnings not retracting flush

    I went to retract my awnings before going back inside (I never leave them extended unless someone is out there to retract them if the wind suddenly picks up as I have zero trust in the wind sensors). I hit the remote and watched them retract and it seems they aren’t retracting flush anymore. I...
  19. Neal

    Newmar Floorplans for 2021 v1

    2021 Floor plans for Newmar Motorhomes
  20. M


    Caught this on another forum. Apparently Newmar has started rolling out their own Mobile techs called NewServe. Pretty great if you ask me. More deets over on IRV2